About Us

Invincible Collection's Story
"My goal in life has always been to give back. While I was in college at The University of Alabama (Roll Tide), I knew my life meant more than getting a good job and paying bills. I've always found a way to make money, that may have been doing odd jobs here and there, but early on in life I knew that money never solved the true goal.
Money does not solve problems!
It's what you do with the money that does. Junior year of college, it struck me. My goal in life is to mentor, but like everything else I do - If I'm going to do it, it has to be exceptional. This is how Invincible Collection formed.
My dream is to help as many people as possible.
Invincible Collection is my how. Invincible Collection reinvests 25% of every order into mentoring kids around the U.S. The goal is to help people find their dreams and teach them how to chase them at a young age.
My goal isn't to be rich, my goal is to help change the world.
To this day, we have reinvested over $100,000 to mentoring kids across the U.S. Invincible Collection is a clothing brand for winners. Everyone that resonates with Invincible Collection knows that success is the pure byproduct of hard work.
Our goal isn't to change the world, our goal is to make clothes for the people that do. 
When you purchase from Invincible Collection, congratulate yourself, because you just helped better someone's future. Keep an Invincible mindset and don't let anything or anyone detour you from your path to success."
Picture of Dylan Dedrick CEO of Invincible Collection
- Dylan Dedrick
Chief Executive Officer