The Invincible Foundation

It's no surprise we reinvest 25% of every order towards mentoring, but where does this money actually go?
To start, we actually reinvest 25% of each order towards mentorship - not 25% of the net proceeds. Most of the funds go towards material that we leave with the people we mentor. This material is usually given in an Invincible Collection backpack which houses, a notepad, pencils, pens and a motivational book.
The remaining funds goes towards paying motivational speakers. Whereas many motivational speakers present for free in exchange for working with us, their is still a cost associated with travel, venue and other miscellaneous tasks.
Our future goals include:
  • Increasing the amount we reinvest from 25% to 50%.
  • Starting the Invincible Collection Scholarship fund
Our goal is not to change the world, our goal is to make clothes for the people that do.
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